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Wastewater treatment plants are offering minimal lead time on cut-offs, leaving landfill operators with very little time for preparation. In light of this trend, we are urging sites to take proactive measures because staying ahead is imperative in today’s landscape.

Water & Carbon Group partners, Leachate Management Specialists, are offering an exclusive opportunity to showcase the capabilities of the LEEF System® anywhere in the US. You can witness the benefits firsthand and ensure that your site is prepared to tackle future challenges. Prepare, adapt, and secure your site’s future with the LEEF System®.

Please contact us if you have any enquiries or you would like to nominate your site (in the United States) to schedule a demonstration of the LEEF System®.

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Visit Leachate Management Specialists: www.leachate.us

Visit The Water and Carbon Group: waterandcarbon.com


Discover the benefits of The LEEF System®


  • Direct PFAS removal without pre-treatment
  • Eliminates the need for consumables
  • Removes target PFAS compounds below the analytical limits of detection
  • Consistently generates very low volume waste stream
  • Modular, scalable, and adaptable design
  • Energy and operational cost savings compared to other methods
  • Wide range of treatment capacities
  • Simple-to-operate and low-maintenance system
  • Critically low residuals, often less than 0.5% waste stream