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Leachate Management Specialists


The Water & Carbon Group (WCG), partnering with trusted US firm Leachate Management Specialists (LMS), is delivering a proven PFAS removal solution to the US solid waste leachate market with the LEEF System®.

Leachate Management Specialists, led by President / Founder Brad Granley, stands as a trusted industry leader well known for their expertise in identifying innovative, sustainable, and tailor-made treatment and disposal solutions for landfill leachate and industrial wastewater.

LMS was established in 2013 by a group of seasoned environmental consulting professionals who were passionate about finding a better way to manage leachate. Their goal was to provide cutting-edge, innovative, and environmentally-sound treatment and disposal solutions for the solid waste industry.

Since that time, LMS has developed a range of trademarked natural systems for liquid waste management while also developing innovative solutions for industrial wastewater treatment and disposal as part of its non-landfill environmental services division, Clear Creek Environmental Solutions.

Both ventures allow the US-based team to combine expertise in natural systems with decades of experience designing and coordinating complicated remediation projects.

By combining the expertise of the WCG and LMS, the LEEF System® has emerged as a proven solution to PFAS removal in the US solid waste leachate market.

// WHY CHOOSE The LEEF System®

Discover the benefits of the LEEF System®


  • Direct PFAS removal without pre-treatment
  • Eliminates the need for consumables
  • Removes target PFAS compounds below the analytical limits of detection
  • Consistently generates very low volume waste stream
  • Modular, scalable, and adaptable design
  • Energy and operational cost savings compared to other methods
  • Wide range of treatment capacities
  • Simple-to-operate and low-maintenance system
  • Critically low residuals, often less than 0.5% waste stream