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Leachate Management Specialists


Leachate Management Specialists (LMS) was established in 2013 by a group of seasoned environmental consulting professionals who were passionate about finding a better way to manage leachate. Their goal was to provide cutting-edge, innovative, and environmentally-sound treatment and disposal solutions for the solid waste industry.

Since that time, LMS has developed a range of trademarked natural systems for liquid waste management while also developing innovative solutions for industrial wastewater treatment and disposal as part of its non-landfill environmental services division, Clear Creek Environmental Solutions.

Both ventures allow the US-based team to combine expertise in natural systems with decades of experience designing and coordinating complicated remediation projects.

Leachate Management Specialists has partnered with leading environmental engineers from Australia, The Water and Carbon Group (WCG), to connect the United States market to the LEEF System®, a multi-step foam fractionation and solar distillation process to directly remove PFAS compounds down to low ppt levels from various hard-to-treat co-contaminated wastewaters.


The LEEF System® Benefits


  • Direct PFAS removal without pre-treatment
  • Zero chemicals or consumables are used in the treatment process.
  • Removal of target PFAS compounds to below the analytical limit of detection
  • Less than 1% waste stream consistently produced, with further reductions possible using solar distillation.
  • Treat small to large flows (7500gpd – 250,000gpd+)
  • Cost-efficient with low energy and operational requirements
  • Multiple treatment capacities
  • Modular, easy to scale and customize
  • Simple-to-operate, low-maintenance system