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The Water & Carbon Group


The Water & Carbon Group (WCG) is an Australian environmental engineering firm that specialises in the design, build and operation of multifunctional infrastructure that values natural assets, including low-energy wastewater treatment solutions.

WCG pioneered the development of the LEEF System® process and technology. With the PFAS crisis ringing alarms in Australia, we were driven to create a solution that would address this pressing issue globally.

Backed by an experienced team of process and ecological engineering specialists as well as environmental scientists, WCG has been at the forefront of sustainable engineering within the wastewater, environmental and remediation industries since 2007.

Leveraging their experience within the wastewater and ecological fields, WCG provides expertise and technology to deliver low-cost remediation that has significant economic and sustainability advantages in comparison to other treatment methodologies currently deployed in the market.

The WCG approach to PFAS remediation is shaped by the same sentiment that drives everything and everyone at the Australian based company: to create leading environmental solutions to complex problems that deliver lasting, positive outcomes for people and the environment.

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// WHY CHOOSE The LEEF System®

Discover the benefits of the LEEF System®


  • Direct PFAS removal without pre-treatment
  • Eliminates the need for consumables
  • Removes target PFAS compounds below the analytical limits of detection
  • Consistently generates very low volume waste stream
  • Modular, scalable, and adaptable design
  • Energy and operational cost savings compared to other methods
  • Wide range of treatment capacities
  • Simple-to-operate and low-maintenance system
  • Critically low residuals, often less than 0.5% waste stream