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Foam fractionation PFAS Removal

// Foam fractionation PFAS Removal

What is the LEEF System®?


The LEEF System® is a proprietary solution to the complex global problem of PFAS contamination developed in Australia by leading environmental engineers, Water and Carbon Group. It is a remedy designed to make a lasting, positive difference to people and environments across the world while helping operators and industries meet the PFAS challenge head on.

The LEEF (Low Energy Evaporative Fractionation) System® is a unique treatment system designed to extract regulated PFAS contaminants from wastewater using minimal energy, no chemicals, or consumables. It takes advantage of the way per- and poly- fluoroalkyl substances attach to air bubbles to effectively skim off and remove the contaminants. By utilizing foam fractionation, the LEEF System® removes up to 100% of long chain PFAS compounds.


The LEEF System® Benefits


  • Direct PFAS removal without pre-treatment
  • Zero chemicals or consumables are used in the treatment process.
  • Removal of target PFAS compounds to below the analytical limit of detection
  • Less than 1% waste stream consistently produced, with further reductions possible using solar distillation.
  • Treat small to large flows (7500gpd – 250,000gpd+)
  • Cost-efficient with low energy and operational requirements
  • Multiple treatment capacities
  • Modular, easy to scale and customize
  • Simple-to-operate, low-maintenance system
foam fractionation PFAS

Low-energy, cost-efficient PFAS removal

foam fractionation PFAS

Unique, tested and proven

foam fractionation PFAS

Modular, easy to scale and customize

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The LEEF System®


Water and Carbon Group partners, Leachate Management Specialists (LMS), are offering the opportunity to demonstrate the LEEF System®, anywhere in the United States. If you’re in the US, interested in nominating a demonstration site to see the benefits first-hand, we’d like to hear from you.