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Jeff Travis Appointed as VP of Engineering at Water & Carbon Group

The Water & Carbon Group (WCG) is pleased to welcome Jeff Travis as the new Vice President of Engineering for its US operations.

Jeff’s role will be pivotal in shaping and executing the company’s business strategy and overseeing the technical development and deployment of WCG’s PFAS removal technology known as the LEEF System®. Additionally, he will be instrumental in driving the culture and values of the US operations team.

Jeff is a proven leader with decades of experience in the water treatment sector. His background includes general management, engineering, project management, and sales. He joins the WCG team with a strong track record in designing, manufacturing and installing wastewater treatment equipment and systems worldwide.

After spending the past three years dedicated to installing drinking water PFAS removal systems, Jeff is eager to utilize his knowledge to elevate the LEEF System® as the best-in-class choice for landfill leachate PFAS treatment.

“PFAS contamination is a man-made problem that has permeated every corner of our world. It is our collective responsibility to do everything possible to remove it and stop the contamination from growing,” he said.

“Treating leachate, which is the water that drains through landfills, poses a considerable challenge. The LEEF product provides a system that can withstand this highly challenging wastewater and does so economically.

“The market for PFAS removal from landfill leachate alone is worth billions of dollars in the US. The LEEF product positions the WCG as a significant player in this market. I am proud to work in an industry that is doing everything we can to make our world a cleaner and better place.”

WCG CEO Jim Hunter said “Jeff brings a wealth of experience to our senior team in the US and he will play a vital role in the on-going development and deployment of the LEEF System® as we expand our operations in the US.”

For more information visit leefsystem.com and waterandcarbon.com.

Connect with Jeff Travis on LinkedIn.

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