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Taking the fear out of PFAS with direct removal from leachate using foam fractionation

Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) have gained notoriety in recent years due to their pervasive presence in the environment. Found in various consumer products and industrial applications, these compounds often end up in landfill leachate.

Foam fractionation is a promising solution that can directly remove PFAS from raw leachate. This method offers an effective way to mitigate the fear associated with this soon-to-be highly regulated compound.

Direct PFAS removal via foam fractionation

Removing PFAS from leachate can be a complex and challenging task. Traditional treatment processes like activated carbon filtration or reverse osmosis have limitations in their effectiveness. Additionally, these methods can be expensive, energy-intensive, and produce extensive PFAS-containing waste streams that require expensive disposal.

Foam fractionation is an effective technique for directly removing PFAS from raw leachate. This method capitalizes on the unique properties of PFAS, such as their tendency to concentrate at the interface of air and water.

The process starts with the generation of foam using techniques such as bubbling air through the contaminated leachate. As the foam rises to the surface, it traps PFAS molecules, forming a concentrated foam layer. This foam can then be separated and the PFAS removed.

Advantages of foam fractionation using the LEEF System®

The LEEF System® is a cutting-edge solution from the Water & Carbon Group designed to consistently achieve non-detect PFAS removal in raw leachate streams. This proprietary technology has several benefits:

  • Waste volume reduction: Other systems on the market that routinely treat PFAS compounds, such as membrane solutions, granular activated carbon and ion exchange, generate high volumes of waste, have high operational costs, and can foul up easily if the water is not heavily pre-treated to remove co-contaminants and solids. These pre-treatment stages also produce PFAS contaminated waste streams.
  • No costly pre-treatment: The LEEF System® effectively treats complex feed streams without requiring extensive and expensive pre-treatment. This saves time and resources while ensuring efficient PFAS removal.
  • Low-energy: The LEEF System® is a cost-effective treatment method that reduces the production of waste at a lower energy consumption rate than other methods.
  • Innovative waste stream management: The LEEF System® concentrates PFAS into a small volume separated waste stream, enabling additional concentration and the option of further waste reduction through a solar array distillation process. This approach minimizes energy consumption and waste disposal costs.
  • Scalability and customization: The LEEF System® is a highly customizable modular design, that can be easily scaled up to meet the specific demands of any landfill.
  • Simple operation and maintenance: The system is easy to maintain, clean and repair, eliminating the risk of major downtime and ensuring optimal performance.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Compared to other options the LEEF System® excels in cost-effectiveness, from low ongoing operation and maintenance time commitment to reduced costs, delivering on value and performance.

Foam fractionation: a promising PFAS solution

Addressing the concerns and regulation of PFAS requires innovative and efficient removal techniques. Foam fractionation, when incorporated into the LEEF System®, emerges as the optimal solution, offering direct removal of PFAS from raw leachate. With its high removal efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and waste reduction benefits, the LEEF System® presents a significant step forward in taking the fear out of PFAS contamination. By addressing the challenges associated with PFAS removal, this technology provides a real solution for landfill operators in mitigating the risks and impacts of PFAS.

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